12 September 2012

Rufford Country Park

We met up with some Green Parent mama friends today.  It was an incredibly joyful spur-of-the-moment change of plans, and a fabulous (but rainy) park day.
Baby ate everyone else's picnics - and a bit of soil too.  People on parks often come up to me to helpfully tell me that my baby is eating dirt.  Thank you, yes, I know.  If she finds a cigarette butt, I want to know about that, but a bit of dirt not so much.  She won't eat much, it doesn't taste good!  :)
Jenna and Emily renewed their friendship, and the whole pack of wild children ran around barefoot in the rain without their coats.  If this makes me a bad Waldorf mama, so be it!  Talia won't keep her hat on, either.
Sand and sticks and soaking wet children.  Fresh air and sculpture and wooden play frames.  Laughter and "me too" stories to our hearts' content!  (I am *not* the only mama with embarrassing public toilet stories!)  One very contented Rowan who was loved and carried around by a certain sweet gentle big boy.
Happy mama, happy daddy, happy wild ones.  :)


  1. How lovely. I am reminded of Walt Whitman's poem - This Compost.
    "That when I recline on the grass, I do not catch any disease"
    Glad you all had a great Mama time xxx

  2. Haha-yep I was definately caught short there. Lovely day and thanks for the compliment re SJ-he really does love small children!

    1. Thankyou for a lovely day! He was just adorable with Roo; you have lovely lovely children and it was such a luxury to sit and chat and see them playing so happily. :)

  3. Aaargh! Hats and babies and the ongoing saga of getting any small child to keep a hat on (which is why I started making balaclavas as they seemed to keep them on better than anything else) and if it isn't hats it's shoes (the exception to this being my eldest daughter, who does feel the cold and like to keep warm - but my boys have been a nightmare on that front!)

    Good to have a day out in the fresh air :-)

    1. Haha yes we often lose shoes and or socks! :)

  4. Looks like a lovely day. :) xx


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