9 September 2012

Seven Days: and thoughts on this long Sunday morning







1.  Pizza Hut after a morning helping out with a friend's garden
2.  Batik play silk: hand making happy
3.  Apples - the only real crop I managed this year
4.  Here comes the new car, same as the old car ;)
5.  Morgan's train track person
6.  A corner of our living room

Reading - Irish Fairy Tales on my e-reader.  Just about perfect for how I'm feeling (and my limited attention span) this week.

Noticing - how overgrown the hedge has become outside my window!  Bright green shooting up to obscure the terraced tiled expanse opposite.  The window hung with rainbows and tissue stars, bunting, stained glass and crystals, chimes and driftwood.  Two little figures standing side by side using the window ledge as a table; Morgan writing in her journal, clutching the key tightly in her hand as she writes.  Talia barely coming to Morgan's waist, trying desperately to reach, to join in, to see what is going on.

Eating - home made chocolate croissants for a very late and lazy Sunday breakfast on yet another day when Martin is working.

Needing - an hour or two (precious luxury) to paint, and even have a bath *on my own*.  Well, a mama can dream...

Planning - trips and adventures for our unschooling year.  Food shopping for the week (and a packet of Hershey's kisses for Rowan who missed out yesterday).  Lots of planning here, lots of beautiful new journal pages and rainbow fineliners and dreaming big and making space for new things.

Making - a knitted shawl commission is so close to being cast off.  I keep promising myself that the next thing I make will be for me!  Maybe this time?  :)

Feeling - stretched to breaking point and very tired.  Perhaps an afternoon out of doors will help ease that - or maybe this discomfort is a kind of growing pain, something new being born.  I am feeling - not broken - but perhaps on the edge of something.


  1. Look what I am knitting for me
    I am ridiculously excited lol.
    Your world seems like such a colourful place, and of your (all of your), own making. I aspire to it for myself.

    1. Wow! Love the hat. What colour?? :)

      Colourful about describes my world haha. This evening it's colourful because every flipping toy we own is on the floor... :/ *sigh*


    2. I am using a petrol blue with flecks of white, but since it isnt too difficult so far (you start at the brim and work up and I am just finished the bow gathers), I may try out another colour too. I know the toy explosion only too well lol.

  2. Hope your being on the verge of osmething new is a positive thing? In solidarity with you about the exhaustion and being stretched soo thin!


    San xx


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