25 April 2012

Knitting Reading Loving Quirky

I *love* knitting for babies.  My middle brother is going to have his first baby soon - well, of course, my sweet sister-in-law is - and I have finally started knitting baby things for them.  I'm trying not to get carried away.  I thought a nice little short sleeved Puerperium in neutral mustard yellow would be nice and modern and plain, bright but easy to wear, and most importantly NOT only appealing to my insane jaunty-rainbowish tastes.

That was all very well, until I found... The Buttons.

I was innocently looking at buttons on a stall in Wirksworth market place, when some little resin honey bees caught my eye.  I pulled out my knitting, and compared the colour, and...  I stood and debated for a while with myself (and hubby, and the stall keeper).  Too quirky?  Too ME?  Oh, what the heck, it would look gorgeous, and if they don't like it then they're TOO tasteful by far.  Hmph.
So Paul and Maarja, sorry.  Baby is now the (embarrassed?) owner of this.  Which is now my favourite *ever* baby knit.  I'd keep it if Talia was not now too round about the middle to wear it more than once.
(Oh yeah, reading.  This week I have read the entire Anne of Green Gables series.  Another Star Wars Fate of the Jedi book.  And The 1001 Arabian Nights.  Somehow I am also finding time to eat, put laundry through, and walk the grumps out of my recovering-from-colds children.)


  1. I think the bees are beautiful too

  2. Love it! The buttons are delightful! And Anne of green gables has such a dear special place in my heart.

  3. I was looking at the cardi this morning and thinking the buttons are such a good match it looks as though I planned it! Fortuitous market stall find! :)

  4. Not too quirky at all, although I have made a cardigan for my sister-in-laws baby (due next month), with rabbit buttons lol. I bought them from Ebay, she sells the bees too, haha

  5. Those bees were made especially for that wool. Absolutely perfect!

  6. Love the bees. Unfortunately my knitting talents are restricted to socks and hats and the hats are just bigger socks lol.

  7. Oh yes the bee buttons are just perfectly fab...love it :)

  8. your sweater is so cute and I love the buttons! They are perfect!!

  9. I love the bees!!! They are so cute.

  10. Thankyou. :) They were so happy with it. I'm glad I let the quirky impulse go. :)


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