11 April 2012

Knitalong - looovely huge shawl

I'm reading Shadowmancer by GPTaylor.  I didn't like Tersias at all but I'm finding this more appealing.  Still bleak but the story feels more redemptive - though the allegory is worn pretty thin bordering on twee in places.  Bleak I can enjoy, but bleak all the way to the bitter end with no highlights and lowlights just bores me.  I am glad I gave him a second chance to win me over, because I'm getting slightly more caught up with this, so maybe there is hope for the other two I have waiting in the wings.  :)
And yes, that DOES mean I finished A Dance with Dragons.  Oh please oh please oh please bring out the next book soooon, it is going to be physically painful to wait.

I love that George R Martin messes with my head so much, doubting everything I read from any given character's perspective.  Those I liked initially I get to see from all angles, and end up having a lot less sympathy for (or they die, actually), and those I initially detest I learn admiration and empathy for.  Not to mention never being entirely sure whether the killed-off characters are really dead.  Ever.  The series can be slow, and some of the viewpoints really start to feel quite dull and repetitive to me, or don't seem to move the story on, but it is so worth it for those moments when it blazes.

As for knitting, yes, that is the Faraway I'm working on in scraps.  And yes, I still really love it.  I can't wait to cast off and see the pretty pattern repeats in all their glory!
Is it possible to have too many shawls?  I don't care.  It's gorgeous.  (If you're tempted by the pattern, don't forget it is sold for charity in the month of October if you can wait that long!)

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  1. i do believe one can never have too many shawls. your's looks beautiful in the various scraps. really lovely.


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