18 April 2012


Joining in with Ginny for her weekly yarn-along.  :)

OK, so, confession time.  I got myself an e-reader.  In spite of every single thing I have ever said against them.  And I'm still saying, "I'm not converted, I *love* real books, it's just for a season..."  Because I will NOT be getting rid of my paper books.  Nope.

Still...  I have been using it a lot since I got it.  And it's pretty fabulous for reading while nursing, and if I get distracted or a child bumps me I don't lose my place, and heavy books are suddenly manageable, and I can *carry more than one with me*.  I'm converted.  Sort of.
Free books are the biggest bonus.  I have just read this whole series of Star Wars mini-books (free) and enjoyed them immensely for mindless reading.  I have also read a few classics, a lot of poetry, some fairy tales and the like to the children (Just So Stories: bonus!).  It's great.  It's not quite the same as paper, but *whispers* in some ways it's actually better.  For me.  With a baby in arms.  Honestly.

I got some store credit for sending a lot of feedback about some of the formatting not working correctly, and spent it on the much-recommended Hunger Games trilogy which I read in very nearly one long sitting in just under two days (and neglected all other responsibilities bar nursing to do so, sorry family).  And I'm wondering why my Passover-Clean house is now an utter state!

And I knitted it a cozy.  ;)
I can't decide if this is evidence that I have totally lost the plot.  My husband thinks so.


  1. Lol - I do like my kindle just for portability, and that it is easier to read what might be a large or heavy book in bed, but real books are best. But I really must knit mine a cover, ti is feeling left out after this week's yarn along. xx

  2. I'm warming too. I downloaded the kindle ap and also put it on my phone, so I can read where ever. So yeah reading a bit more than usually, which is lovely. The free books are pretty fab aren't they. I'm reading one about king Arthur at the mo, and also a Dresden files book. Love Harry lol

  3. I borrowed a kindle last year after feeling the same way, I like paper in my books! But I like the kindle too and will probably pick one up one day - but yes, I still like real books too.
    Fab for free books, I had so many, and loved the ability to dip in and out of different books. I also put pdf files of knitting patterns and craft stuff on so bonus!

    Love your cosy, realy should make one for the tablet we have that I use for patterns now, amongst other uses.
    Not lost the plot!

  4. I totally agree that books are awesome...i love the smell of a new book, but especially an old bookshop. However, for the sake of convienience I too have to concede that my kindle does have many benefits (not least the 'free books'aspect) and the fact that is it so light when juggling little ones and mummy duties.

  5. :) I'm in good company then!


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