13 April 2012

Beautiful Busy

Dirty-faced toddler in the morning sun, making models with coloured dough.
Standard breakfast table in my house.  The girls love to pour their own milk from a little jug.  Small things bring so much joy.  :)  I would love a new table for them, this one is so very battered, but ah well.  Perhaps I should sew some nice little table cloths.  :)

Everyday play and learning.

A spring time walk. We are getting outside every day, which is the thing on my list of personal daily needs that is rarely met as fully.  Even on the rainy days we have taken a walk.  I procrastinate about the whole process of getting everyone ready - but when I do I'm always so glad I did.



We have had a busy week of play dates too.  School holidays are great for catching up with everyone, and the girls have loved having their schooled friends around so much.  Not to mention Grandma being free to do sleepovers!

In other words, everything is swimming along nicely.  I like weeks like this.  Everything just follows on, one thing from another.  And yes, after a day of six little girls playing happily, the house is more of a tip than ever, but the sun is streaming through my windows, my baby is snuggled peacefully in my arms, my children are arguing over the pencil crayons even though there are at least two of each colour...  Life is grand.


  1. Where did you get your beautiful alphabet cards from (don't tell me, you made them, didn't you???)


  2. Aw, no, they were from Myriad! They are very lovely, the watercolours are so vivid and detailed. xxx

  3. Just catching up on your lovely family, so happy to see things going well. It's hard not to be happy when there are flowers blooming everywhere :) Spring is my favorite!


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