14 April 2012

For Your Birthday

Three times around the Sun.

Bright bubble of a little person, full of chatter and spark, stomper of feet, "but I am still your baby, Mummy!"  Thrower of toys, crosser of lines, clear laughter like a bell, creator of floods and puddles, lover of all wild things, reciter of favourite stories and tall tales of your own dreaming.  Sharp minded rememberer of every promise made.  Newly weaned nursling.  Clever puzzler.  Sweet funny toddler.
Just look at you.  I am so proud; not as though you were a project I had contributed some large part to the success of, but as though you were a dear friend I saw achieving their own dreams and ambitions.  You ARE a dear friend, small as you are.

Grow with me.  Teach me.  For goodness' sakes, listen to me *occasionally* (please)?!  And continue to be unsquishable.  I love you, every moment.

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First Birthday
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  1. lovely...you have such a way with words and your love for your family shines through :-)

  2. Aww Happy Birthday big girl. Isnt 3 such an amazing age. The leaps and bounds in the 3rd year are incredible.

    ps, was thinking about what you said in the last post about the girls table. Are you a member of your local Freecycle? We have had a few things from ours.

  3. Happy 3rd birthday beautiful girl :) x

  4. Happy Birthday Roo!

    Love and smiles

    San,Dave,Sara, Benedict and Philippa Jo xxx

  5. Happy Birthday Rowan! :)

    Sarah, you write so well about your children - I feel like I know her, even though we only met once and she was just a few months old! :)


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