1 April 2011

Wild Garlic

So, Martin's day off yesterday was lovely. Bless him, he spent a couple of hours (while I was still in bed!) sorting laundry and cleaning the kitchen AND bathroom, so I woke up to a shockingly clean tidy house. :)

We went to the final goodbye event for the Dad's Group, victim of the cuts *sigh*, and oh it was really... wierd... and horrible. The staff were all obviously hurting, and spent a lot of time off in small huddles discussing what on earth they were going to do now. More than half have lost their jobs (they are support workers for special needs as well as running gentle parenting classes and were all working with the DAD project and some other stuff we've been involved with on and off). The mood was sombre and angry. The children didn't seem to notice thankfully.
thursday 001
Then we took a walk. :) Often my favourite parts of the week, our adventures all together...
thursday 022
thursday 011
thursday 006
thursday 004
Thursday Spring Skywatch. BLUE!
thursday 005
thursday 013
thursday 014
thursday 017
thursday 018
Lots and lots of wild garlic! Yay! (Shh, don't tell the National Trust whose property we quietly pulled this from - after all, it was EVERYWHERE!)
thursday 016
So our tea last night was a delicious wild garlic soup. And today we have wild garlic pesto! Yummy yummy yummy. I love free food. :)
thursday 023


  1. It looks like you guys have had a wonderful day.There is nothing like blue skies and getting out into nature:)And how wonderful to be able to find some really yummy wild food that you can use:)I am sure they wont mind too much:)

  2. Wish was more confidnent with my foraging!!! Free is excellent - such a shame about the redundancies and the impact on services for people as well as the people themselve. SO much for a cohesive society if there is no where to have a cohesive community! Big new society can't pay the electricity bills. Pitty. Yay its Spring!!

  3. Oh, Such a shame about the Dad's group :(

    Lovely photos of your joyful children though. I especially love the Jenna in the tree photo. And yes how exciting that it is wild garlic season!

  4. Oh had to comment asd was in bed last night reading 'sefood and eat it' and have a wild garlic day planned - soup, garlic bread and pesto too - SNAP!!!

    Sorry about the Dad's groups too, it's a shame when so many cuts are made and things like this get scrapped. All of the schools around here are loosing the Forest School days, not enough funding and so on. Such a shame, it means that the Forest School leaders are trying hard to get more 'custom' and cutting their prices etc. maybe the DADs could start up a Forest School group in your area instead!

    Lots of Spring love,

    Claire (mamauk)

    PS) Gina, I can't see your blog anymore! Is it possible to allow me access? Don't stress if not :)

  5. Your girls are such little explorers! So adorable.


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