2 April 2011

Some Weekending

On Friday afternoon, some guys from the Dad group had booked a free street pohotgraphy session with a local arts group. The Dads are determined to keep going as long as they can without the funding/staff. Anyhow, the photography session was great fun. You can see some of the project here.
thursday 026
thursday 027
thursday 028
Jenna took some shots with my camera too. :)
thursday 034
thursday 032
She has an amazing perspective. :) I'd love to be able to get her her own camera.
thursday 036
Oh Pixie Morgan, how she loved to take pictures of the flowers. Many many pictures of the flowers.
thursday 037
Rowan hassling the poor pigeons again! This one was smart enough to foil her attempts to give it a cuddle...
thursday 039
And today has been one of those lovely home days, calm and quiet, nothing much special but very special to me in its own way. Here we are at a nearby park. :)
thursday 042
thursday 040
thursday 046
The tadpoles hatched, yay! The pond was seething with them.
thursday 051
My dad dropped off a new sofa for us too, and, well, it doesn't feel right yet. It smells funny, and isn't as conveniently shaped for piling things up along the back as the old one. But oh well, all things have their season and the old one was definitely on the way out!
thursday 052
The toy corner is slightly slimmed down - I rather enjoyed giving everything a good sort out yesterday - though I am still tolerating some horrible little plastic "fashion dolls" that were a prize at a party last week! Two have already been disposed of after an unfortunate decapitation by Rowan. I'm not encouraging her, honest.
thursday 053
Tomorrow is probably going to be a bit crazy busy. Church with my mum (for Mother's Day) then a birthday party (for one of Jenna's friends) and hopefully some time just as a family (because it's our Anniversary - seven years). :) At least we get an extra day - Martin is at home on Monday too!

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  1. I love childrens perspectives in photography too. We bought Imogen a camera for Christmas and she loves it, having always pinched mine to use before that. She's very careful with it too which is great x


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