7 April 2011


There is apple blossom on the tree in our garden. The sun has been glorious this week, and we've been in and out of the messy garden. I haven't quite managed to start planting food crops yet though!
apple blossom 1
Oh goodness, toddler deliciousness. She recieved a parcel of fabulous clothes yesterday morning from Claire and couldn't wait to try them on. She did a little fashion show for her sisters, so cute! Here she is wearing the coat she just can't be persuaded to take off.
roo garden 1
roo garden 2
The willow tree is going crazy, so we made some hoops and crowns, and turned the biggest hoop into a Spring mobile. :)
willow hoop
mobile 2
And after organising the hall (again) a couple of days ago, I wanted to put up some little hooks they can all reach with a coat or cardi, to help us get ready more easily when we head out. I'm pretty pleased with this. :)
organised hall
I caught Jenna helping her sister climb over the fence into next door's garden. We had Words. When I told the girls that even asides from needing to stay somewhere I KNOW they are safe, they may have frightened the lady next door if she's in the house on her own, Jenna wanted to write her a letter. She writes *fast* now! (So sweet and thoughtful too.)
sorry note
And here's a teeny who just woke up from a little nap, being adored by her big sisters. They have recently been much more affectionate with each other again, I guess the outdoor time is *really* helping with the fighting. Today Jenna announced that when the baby is born and gets bigger, all four of them will share a bedroom so that they can cuddle if the little ones wake up at night. hehe
tired roo kiss
When I was uploading pictures yesterday I found these, Jenna had apparently taken them, um one day this week. They still change clothes a few times a day, it's hard to keep track (any ideas for persuading them to keep the first set of clothes on?)!
weekending 143
This Springtime, three, next Springtime, four!
three girls


  1. Lovely pictures and happy smiley faces! As for the clothes swapping you could be really mean and put a lock on their wardrobe door, LOL!!! Somehow I can't see you doing that, so maybe you have to console yourself with the fact that,you are raising potential fashionistas, hehe!!!!

    Take good care and thanks for the prayers for Mr B!

    San and all xxx

  2. Gorgeous photo!!!! Spring is such a positive time!!! Good luck with the planting of food crops I have only just popped mine in!

  3. Just love all the sisterly love! And you're right, all that outdoors time is probably really helping, I know it helps me not be so yelly.

    SO SO SO excited for you and four :)

  4. That last photo of your three girls is just so beautiful - Still so excited and a little shocked by your lovely, lovely news too!
    Gina xx

  5. Me too Gina! I'm way calmer than I expected. What a wonderful blessing, to know what I want and then get it - literally right away. I'm blown away by it. :)

  6. Seeing them being lovely to each other after spells of discord gives me hope that they will always get on in some way or another even when they are grown.

    Our girls have been mad clothes-changers too. How fantastically liberating to be able to change your clothes if you feel uncomfortable, or wear something that is exactly appropriate for you mood at any given time of the day!


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