9 April 2011

Weekending Sunshine

Friday was such a productive great sunny garden day. I dug over all the veg beds again and got a load of stuff planted out. The children helped by digging up half of what I planted...
april 005
april 006
april 007
And I spent some time indoors to, sorting the Laundy Pile of Doom and thinking that we still have Way Too Much Stuff...
april 002
Then today, we packed a picnic, and took ourselves to the park with Chris, Em, and Connor. :)
april 010
april 013
Rowan was not keen on sharing the frisbee...
april 011
april 020
And there was also paddling - in the ICE cold brook that I paddled in as a child. :) Summer joys, in Spring. :)
april 014
april 016
april 024
april 025
april 029
april 027
april 033
april 032
I don't think I could say one single thing that would add to these pictures, or the pleasure of today. So I won't even try it. :)
april 023


  1. Awww looks so lovely :-)

    Brrrr. I know I squealed all girlish when I dipped my toes in the sea, at the beach on Thursday. How the kids could play in it for hours and be soaked head to foot, I do not know! Cor, I'm getting old. LOL.

  2. Paddling in the stream is fab any time of the year. Ours got just as wet in the coldest months with their puddle jumping, soaking through their wetsuits! Looks like a lovely day for everyone.

  3. Sounds and looks great. I used to paddle in the river outside my Mum's house. It's too cold for me now but my children do it. I love seeing them in their oblivious to the cold. I'm in the process of writing a post for my blog which I want to link to yours in. Is that ok?

  4. Of course, yes, I don't mind you linking to me. :)


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