29 April 2011

Spring Celebrations

Baby-ness at Attenborough. Eep!
april 062
Rowan, age 1.
april 084
And Rowan, age 2!
april 045
april 050
This blur being carried carefully by my husband is sugar-free organic strawberry cake with insect decorations for an insect-obsessed toddler!
april 054
Bunny biscuits (made by the girls and their friends). Pink icing apparently entirely necessary. Ultimate thanks to Jo for facilitating a nap for me, and somehow keeping EIGHT children quiet for the occasion.
april 109
A family walk with Grandad and Aunty Alison.
april 115
april 114
april 125
april 117
april 132
april 133
april 136
Yes, I am aware I promised Pesach pictures too, but alas, they are even worse than Rowan's wobbly birthday pictures, and there is only one which has come out well. I will spare you it, since it is a child-taken picture of the top of poor hubby's head! *sigh*

Well, there have been *some* smiles around here. :)

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