13 April 2011

More Everyday Things

We have been in the garden a lot again (this may be one of the most commonly repeated phrases in my random updates). Digging, planting, enjoying the sun, ignoring the cold, making sculptures out of junk, spreadng the remaining sand from last year all over the grass, picking dandylions, and creating wonderful mayhem. In my case replace sand, dandylions, and mayhem with knitting, reading, and drinking actual hot cups of tea while the children occupy themselves. :)

Jenna has spent a lot of time sailing her new boat - made with help from Chris on Sunday.
april 038
We made it to town and back to do jobs and pick up birthday necessities. I left the house with three girls, sunhats, cardigans, assorted other acoutrements, and a teddy bear in a toy buggy. And I returned home with everything and everyone I left with, amazingly, and even more incredible, with everything from my list! Here are the children, on the long walk in. My children have Rules about stopping to look at diggers. :)
april 040
What else? We have had friends round a couple of times, including the sweet little boy from next door who talks about nothing but Ben10. *hehe* We have made invisible ink. Made and eaten an excessive amount of ice lollies. And finished Rowan's birthday presents.

Getting ready for another walk. The very ordinary things have a kind of glow to them right now. I am overflowing with thankfulness.
midweekness 003
Here's an in-progress of mine. I'm making a large table protector with the string from my veg boxes. As you can see, I've been working on this for a while (and we eat a lot of fruit and veg)!
midweekness 005
And a play picture - made even more irresistable by sweet Jenna wearing one of Rowan's skirts! That child! *grin*
april 042


  1. Wonderful ordinary, everyday magic.

    I love the handmade boat - fabulous!
    Gina xx

  2. How clever to use the veg box string, never occured to me!

  3. Are you not sick - that must be amazing after the sickness you normally get?


  4. I love Jenna's boat too Gina, so creative! And Joxy, I pinched the idea but I cannot for the life of me remember where from. No credit to me though lol. I had been saving string already for about a month thinking, "there must be SOMETHING this could be used for!"

    And no, Angie, not sick at all! I can barely believe it. If I didn't have such a strong sense of this baby's presence I would probably be worrying.

    So far the only tiny niggle is that I've been light-headed since three weeks pregnant, but I often have that in pregnancy and know it isn't linked to blood pressure but constant low sugar levels which I can't do much more about than eat every couple of hours...

  5. I love that you remind me all the wonderfullnes in the ordinary things... just for when I forget... :o) thank you!


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