19 April 2011

sick note

I'd like to be here. I have lots to share, pictures of a lovely weekend away (helping to open a community Apiary in London, and involved in some minor civil disobedience at the Tate), oh and birthdaying still to show you (Rowan had a fabulous day) and Pesach and goodness so much living.

Sickness hit. I'm hiding out, sleeping a lot, and avoiding screen time because it makes everything worse for me. Ugh. Well, eight weeks sickness free was pretty amazing! I'll be back on and off, when I can. I miss you all!


  1. so glad to know that you are ok, was worried about you!

    San xx

  2. Love to you Sarah, just rest and look after mama :)
    sue xx

  3. Oh dear :S It really was too much to hope that this would be a buck for that nasty trend. Thinking of ya and big hugs. I'll have to phone some time to get my updates. ;) xxx

  4. Oh wow how slow am i ive only just realised you are pregnant!!! Congratulations to you, martin & the girls

    Amy (yummy-mummy-1988 from ivillage teen mums) x x x

  5. Oh dear, I really hope you can rest and relax as much as possible, thinking of you xx
    Gina xxx

  6. Rest well dear Mama. Know that your presence is missed. Warmly, Lisa

  7. Hi
    Just wanted to say congratulations and let you know that your blog has been nominated in the MAD Blog Awards for UK parent blogs.
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    Best of luck and well done on your nomination.
    The MAD Blog Awards

  8. A belated congratulations to you all! Great news. :)
    Hope you are ok. xx


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