8 April 2011

Girl Clothes

"Want-er-sirt on!"
You want a t-shirt on?
"Yeah. Noo. Sirt."
Erm... Shoes?
"No. Want a SIRT on. Nice a WARM. SLEEP sirt. Want a gee-raff one."
Ohh, you want a SUIT. You want the giraffe sleepsuit! Let's go find it then shall we? [We get two steps into her room before she spots the dragon dungarees instead.]
"Want a DRAGON one. Want a DRAGON sirt! My FAV-rit." *beam*
midweekness 007
That's my girl!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we're not going to be terribly short of "boy clothes" if Minnow turns out not to be another female child...


  1. ha! ingrid's favorite pjs are her T.Rex ones. I have a bunch of things Otis is going to wear of hers b/c I buy so many boy things for her!

    But he will also be wearing her old pink hi-tops as well.

    I like Minnow, good name for a fetus :)

  2. Love it! We have so many boy things. More than girl things in newborn size, then fewer as time goes on, but even some in Jenna's size! And that's without hand-me-downs from Connor lol...

    "Minnow" just dropped into my head the first day I suspected I was pregnant. Rowan already started calling my belly "mini"!

  3. Grace is the same - we had a pile of pants handed down to us; some boys and some girls. The "Bat" pants are particular favourites, although the crab pants come a close second. I have to say I think she just looks so much more confortable in "boys" clothes - now she's fairly reliable witht the toilet, I'm going to try and phase out the dresses a bit. What do parents of boys do when potty learning without dresses???

  4. What a lovely name for the littlest one in your tum! Roo is a real chatterbox too!!!

    San xx

  5. Well she knows exactly what she wants.This has to be good:)Tigerlily prefers boys clothes too:)


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