22 November 2010

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Haha yes another one of "those" everday posts. :) The big girls have spent hours and hours making endless domino runs since the Green Parent meet. They keep trying to use my phone to video them, which is hilarious and often results in them recording two minute clips of Jenna's voice telling Morgan off for wrecking one!
more productive 042
more productive 043
We have spent a couple of days mostly at Emma's house, lots of playing and companionable cooking and reading and chatting. A friendship where silences and stillness are comfortable and natural. We share the busiest, slowest, most joyful, heartbreaking, and most challenging times.

These are the gnomes I knitted while we were over there last week.
more productive 050
Chris said, "is that the little blue thing you started earlier?!" These are QUICK knits!
more productive 053
more productive 052
And today we spent the day with just Connor again. The four little ones made a mess, but it was a calm companionable day. So nice to have a whole day where my relationship with the children *was* co-operative, peaceful, kind, loving, and respectful. Sometimes I feel like there is always something that stops me quite living up to my own ideals... Anyhow, there I go dwelling on the negative again. Mess and fun. Yes.
more productive 038
Rowan fell over and Connor rushed over to stroke her back and check if she was OK. When he was sure that she was fine, he tried to help her up!
more productive 039
Morgan made herself a bed and took an afternoon nap.
more productive 041
I did some more reading (love this book).
more productive 044
All in all, a good few days, and so much to look forward to this week too. Tomorrow is my 26th Birthday, so Martin has the day off work and we have mayhem planned. :)


  1. Love your new header photo - perfect snapshot of the season.
    And so enjoying seeing your knitting skills grow and grow - those little gnomes are fab. Really inspiring me to go back to basics and knit for fun rather than function.
    Great cosy blanket wrapped around Morgan - I love that photo!

  2. Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you have a good one.


  3. Your family are beautiful, as always!

    You and my dh were born on the same day! He's 26 today too. Happy birthday x

  4. Happy birthday for tomorrow, have great fun.

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy so much!!!!
    How fun the dominoes runs are!!!

  6. Many Happy Birthday blessings to you - enjoy your day of mayhem. Mine was on Sunday.
    Lovely to read about your days - so serene xx

  7. Hope you have had a lovely birthday
    Hugs San xx

  8. Thankyou all for the birthday wishes!

    Becs, I love that photo too - Em made the blanket (a series of them in fact) from knitted squares found in a charity shop. And Jenna took the picture, as you can see from the toes of her new boots at the bottom of the frame. :)


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