5 November 2010

Bits and Pieces

While I'm finishing sorting clothes, herding children, and trying to leave the living room in a reasonable state when we head out later, I thought I'd share these little bits of randomness. :)Photobucket
A little Derby-made antique glass bottle found in a frankly insane but gorgeous shop in Wirksworth. I was very glad I hadn't taken the children in, because how could I possibly resist touching *everything* - beautiful objects stacked all higgeldy piggeldy so that in order to reach a sweet little jug I wanted to get as a wedding present I had to lean on a very expensive table stacked with glassware, and reach around a stack of paintings! Love it!
Oh how I love the ability of a charity shop to meet my exact need. This book is INCREDIBLE, offbeat, quirky, arty, lively, and above all loving. You can find out more (and get some free resources) here at Planet Sark. And her online Journal.  I didn't know I was looking for this book until I found it, and my heart is overflowing.
Well, OK, jumping on the bandwagon a little, an improvised owl hat.  Well why not?  And another baby gift also, this, a version of the Scattered Mama hat from Ravelry.  Now...  What project to pick up next?  I'm finishing sewing some embellishments on a plain sling today, but my hands are itching to pick up the crochet and knitting again too...

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  1. Ohhh SARK!!!I love love love all those books! I have the play journal which is great! I first discovered her books when the lady doing our training when I was volunteering in south africa started reading us quotes each day! So inspiring!!


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