11 November 2010


Household management tasks is just too long a phrase, methinks. And right now, everything DOES feel like a chore. I have read the right books ;) and I do try to do things around the house in a spirit of generosity and with love. Some days - especially at this time of year - the best I can aim for is doing *anything* about the state of the house at all.
Seeing a load of washing as a gift to my family is a bit much when the house is cold and it's raining outside and the washing all smells damp before it's dry. Right, one more load in the dryer. Guilt!
I promised not to moan about this, but hah!

Now I know that in print my life is all high and low, ecstatic and depressed - and it's really not *that* unbalanced. Well, not always. It's one of those things about blogging I guess, that we post the things that make us feel something. Well I feel a bit underwhelmed with the responsibility that comes with having a family - not the responsibility for them, which I kind of signed up for, but the responsibility for everything else, which I want to say I didn't.

I am a martyr to my housework this week, OK? So, for a change, I am avoiding it by:
- Re-reading the Earthsea books by Ursula Le Guin.
- Taking on crocheting commissions and finishing the last two presents on my list.
- Making cinnamon chocolate cake candles.
- Watching my children play, and doing daft unnecessary timewasting jobs like moving the bookcase to see what toys have fallen down behind it. Note to self, if you don't look, it will all be OK.
Though I have to admit... when I can just stop rebelling against the idea that I need to do things other than play with the children, craft, and read... miracles DO happen. Just look at my mantlepiece (which I was too ashamed to take a "before" shot of) and my kitchen table (likewise). :)
Just don't talk to me about laundry today!


  1. You and me both!

    I may have to give in and buy a dryer :-(

  2. But today is a fabulous drying day! I'm getting my nappies in the machine right now :)

  3. During winter the washing is totally depressing.

    I'm just thankful some kind person who built this house thought it a good idea to pack it with radiators (seriously, we have 2 in quite a few rooms) so that with those over-radiator-clothes-horse things we manage. Along with draping over every available straight surface.

    I do feel like the house looks like a laundry sometimes....

    We haven't ever owned a drier though, never occurred to me to get one. The reasons we can cope as a family of 6 with no drier are lots of radiators, heating on quite a lot, slightly less than average changes of towels/sheets/clothes ;-)

    Well done on the table and mantlepiece, which both look totally gorgeous. My table currently has numerous 'bits' glued to it, and is full of stuff that has been there for weeks. It's embarrassing but I can't face getting started for some reason.

    Like you, I also want to shout sometimes 'I didn't sign up for this!!' mothering yes, full time housekeeper, cook and cleaner NO!!

    I like the idea of thinking of every chore as a gift to my family, and will give that a shot. I've been totally sick to death of all the boring work lately.



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