24 November 2010


As I get older, I get fewer birthday presents. But this year I had some things that were just so very special.

The sweet bright sharp winter sun through flaming autumn-toned leaves.
birthday 008
My baby said, "I love you!" for the first time, to me, on my birthday.
birthday 004
My husband cleaned my kitchen. ;)

My big girls surprised me with cards they had made themselves and carefully hidden.
birthday 007
Oh, and there was cake.
birthday 031
I leave you with more pictures of my birthday walk. Such a special day, such a special place to my family. And my favorite people in the whole world.
birthday 002
birthday 003
birthday 010
birthday 014
birthday 016
birthday 015
birthday 017
birthday 024
birthday 021
birthday 027


  1. Happy Birthday x x x I love the picture of sweetie and the geese! You are a young one yourself~I am 40 next month arggg!!!lol! urely not!{grin}
    GTM x

  2. She was herding the geese up and down the path, we laughed so much, she is tiny but fearless. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Sarah. Looks like the perfect day. xx

  4. Happy Birthday, what a lovely day to share with those you love xx

  5. Birthday Blessings Sarah. It look like a beautiful day xx

  6. Hi. Glad you had a fun birthday. H x


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