3 November 2010

A Meeting (From my Weekend)

How many friends do you get to meet, for the first time ever, in their wedding dress, wearing jewellery you made for them? Let's put that down to another unique and perfect experience afforded by the amazing community of women on the internet who have befriended and supported me, and generously given of themselves. It was an honour to be there in love and support, for you, precious friend!
Wedding 1
Wedding 2
Wedding 3

Wedding 5
My children wore themselves out. And got wonderfully sticky. And slept all the long drive home.
Wedding 6
Wedding 7


  1. Aww lovely photos.
    Sigh. Dratted lurgy.

  2. Oh my gosh - is that TEM?
    How lovely that you were there for her big day after being friends for so long.

  3. What a wonderful way to meet your friend for the first time.

    Jenna looks like she's having so much fun dancing away.


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