1 November 2010

Light and Dark

On the brink of winter, the perfect time to remember that the world is not dying only cycling through its anual change of light and dark, fullness and barenness, activity and stillness.  The light is never gone from the world, only buried deep down inside until the spring.  The tree withdraws itself from the frosts, until the first leaves are safe to emerge, new and yet the same.
Season Table quarter-day
How do we carry our own spark?  Do we let ourselves show, brave and fearless?  Do other people get to see us as we really are or are we always wearing masks, hiding our truths and the light of love in us, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to be wrong or afraid to be rejected?
Lit pumpkins
We learn the lessons of the season, over and over, and as the wheel turns it has always more lessons to bring.  We humans are cyclic too, and so atuned to the experience of living in a cyclic world.  It is a trick, day by day, balancing the rhythms and compromises of living together, in this beautiful world, seeking the grace and the goodness and the sweetness in the here and now. 
Toffee Apples
This is the dance of our days.

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  1. What a beautiful way of expressing faith and nature!
    Tree lantern absolutely gorgeous
    hug San xx


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