6 October 2010

Squirrelly Park Day

Yesterday we took a wander to the big park, where the squirrels were out in full force bouncing around the paths and long grass collecting food and digging little holes.  Do they really bury stuff?  Anyhow, they were definitely digging a lot of little holes.

We look so funny trooping up there together, Naomi and I with our six little ones between us.  With Morgan holding onto the buggy it looks like they mostly belong to her, but either way we often get more than average of the usual comments about having our hands full.  ;)
 Jenna found a tree leaking sap.  She asked if it was like maple syrup - and got her answer when she licked it!  Not so much like maple syrup apparently.  ;)
Rowan was chasing squirrels mostly, and wondering around looking confused saying "where's it go?" and "where is it?" and "SKL" (squirrel).
She got a better view from up here.
So did I (my best ever blurry picture of a squirrel lol).
And we had a lot of fun playing and running around, collecting leaves, but not conkers because some little grey things had nicked them all.
And I was not as prepared as I thought I was because when I looked for new trousers and socks for the soaking wet Morgan, I found lots of pairs of spare pants but no socks!  So we ended up stopping at the shops on the way home so that she could walk without her shoes rubbing.  Note to self, when packing change bag for weather, remember that even if the SKY is clear, the ground might be rather damp!


  1. Sarah! I absolutely loved the last 2 pictures!!! LOL with the squirrel chasing!

  2. :) My friend and I were talking about children not being able to walk past low walls, they NEED to climb on them, and we turned the corner towards the supermarket and spotted that pipe and laughed, because it's another place we just HAVE to stop and play - every time! :)

    (I really like the picture before last, where you can tell Morgan is telling Tristan off!)


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