3 October 2010

Pure Joy

Smooth shiny polished mahogany treasures.  Gathered in spite of the squirrel chattering away in fury and hurling bits of chestnut shell at us!  I LOVE Autumn.


  1. Wow, some of those look really big!

    All the horsechestnut trees around here have been hit by a leaf miner, and the conkers are significantly smaller this year, but no less lovely, I love how shiny they are, and the excitement at finding yet another!

  2. I laughed about the squirrel!!!
    Love your season table!

  3. That's a beautiful display showing Autumn's bountiful fullness.
    We've not been so lucky with Conkers this year. Found a total of five.


  4. Shanti, he was sitting right above us, and even after he stopped scolding us he was dropping bits of half-eaten chestnut, and sticks and things on us. The children found it hilarious (and made a little pile of chestnuts under the tree for him to find after we'd gone). :)


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