16 October 2010

My Baby

She has these fuzzy sweet little curls and those skinny toddler shoulders with the pot belly.
 And the teeth, oh the teeth!  All in the wrong order, random little molars at the back, and two at the front here so tiny and white and sharp making her grin look even more ridiculously edible.
Snuggles, "mink", "no, dis mink" and "huggle" and the talking and all the things she will learn to say properly so very soon.  I will miss these baby words when they are gone, and treasure them now.  "Shoosh" (shoes) is a favorite of mine.

Ack she is loveliness itself.

So very patient with big sisters wanting to play with her too, willing to be their baby at a moment's notice.

 "Go to sleep now baby!"  "OK!"  Alright, maybe you don't quite fit in the dolly crib!

Not that it stops her climbing in all KINDS of places, voluntarily, for mamas camera to snap up quickly before this phase, too, passes.  Stay, oh stay, please don't grow so very fast little one!

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