12 October 2010

In the Garden

 It's difficult to open a door when you are only one year old.  You have the smart idea to take a chair over so that you can reach the handle - and what perverse cruelty!  The door only opens onto the chair and won't let you through.  *sigh*
hehehe She just gets bigger and brighter every day.  :)  We spent a lot of yesterday in my very neglected garden.  There are still apples on the tree, and the sweetcorn is ready to harvest, as well as the courgettes that are just getting bigger and bigger as the season goes on!
 Tweet tweet!
 Who me?  Nah, I wasn't menacing those little feathery cat treats...  I was just sitting her on top of the composter, innocently enjoying the sunshine...

 Huge spiders everywhere, you really finally know it's Autumn now!
 Boo asks for "shwing!"  What better way to while away the afternoon?

 Sunshine pixie climbing high.
 Overgrown grass and the tyres we saved for planters still being used for play.  :)

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  1. Bless Rowan, that is so cute.

    Looks like it was as sunny your way as it was ours. I love the effect of the light on the second to last pic.


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