14 October 2010

Flying Lessons

We made kites this week.  We've been enjoying the Gerda Muller book, Autumn,  and one of the things the girls most wanted to leap right off and do was fly a kite.  We had one once, a long time ago, and when I tried to get it out it seemed to have got a bit mouldy, and had a snail on it, and I sighed a little sigh, relocated the snail, and tried to scrub the kite clean - to no avail, so in the bin it went.  Thankfully this timely find provided us with a simple-enough alternative! 

The thing with kites is, I've never managed to make one that will fly.  Never.  And a lot of directions are just too much for me to attempt with three little ones.  If it was just me and Jenna, perhaps...  But to the park we go!

 Even this simple offering, I'm afraid, did not so much "fly" as "get enthusiastically pulled along behind" a series of happy windswept children.

 The children also decorate each other with flowers.  Ellie isn't terribly impressed.

Then off the to post office, via the endless building works, which of course we have to stop by and poke the piles of soil and jump on the heavy duty covers along the holes in the path, and talk to the builders about why they are digging holes and how many tiles they think are on the roof and what the pipe is for.  Etc.  :)

"We're WILD!" calls Jenna to the others.

Happy little wild things on a brisk autumnal day.  Notice the first pairs of gloves of the season?  Last year I could swear we owned several pairs, but over the summer they must have been eaten by the sock monster.  Ah well, new red and stripy gloves to keep those hands warm!


  1. So glad you were able to recover and rescue the knitting accident. Sounds like fun with the kites and a good walk. I don’t walk enough!! I keep meaning to ask you whereabouts making my sling look pretty is on your list of crafty things to do? Thanks. H x

  2. I can't make a kite for the life of me, either. And can't even get the store bought ones up in the air. Hasn't been cold enough here for mittens yet, but it will be, soon!

    Yes, Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps is my fav. Absolutely!!

    xo Erin


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