8 October 2010

Creativity Parade

A mass posting of pretty things today!  So, we start with the fabulous pattern picture Jenna made for a friend.  :)
This is what these two have spent the last two days doing almost without a break - writing and drawing on some file cards they found from my college days (remember my file cards those of you who have known me that long?) well I like this use for them better.  Plus it tickles me that something so stuffy and formal is being used in typical childhood thinking-outside-the-box ways. 
 They played with them one day writing words on them and making phrases.  Another couple of days later they were using them as library cards and playing creative games with stacking the things.  Then a week later, two days of this!  Fabulous aren't they?
"To Mume From Jenna" the last one says, without spaces between the words.  And here is what the little one did for most of yesterday.  She was sick twice but seems fine in herself now so I'm guessing it was the eating of either a half-rotten leaf, or of the entire centre of the green pencil crayon.  Ick.
So I got on with crafting.  Finished this cardi:
 Finished some long overdue commissions, handwarmers and a pencil case (yes I know the pencil case is rather on the late side now but my defence is that finding a zip for it has been a pain lol). 
And this here is a Christmas present, lovely lace.  Really quick pattern too.
 More crochet.  All done in one long evening with a baby who just did NOT want to go to sleep as she had napped all day.  Damn these reverse days and nights during illness!
 And booties for a little late arrival who is probably too big for them!  Welcome to the world, baby Revill!
Particularly proud of the bonnet that my photography and unwilling model utterly fail to do justice to - actual IMPROVISED knitting.  I made it up.  *proud*

And to prove that she is indeed fine, the blurry speeding baby yesterday evening, outside the gym.  Jenna and Morgan have been to three classes this week - and swimming once too.  Busy busy little people.  :)
So, two days of ugh with a lot of crafting thrown in for balance.  Looking forwards to the weekend - and especially to this afternoon when I have a whole three hours off duty while they all go off to Dad group.  I think the first thing I get to do may have to involve picking up the entire contents of the living room from the living room floor, but oh well.  :)  Here's to a better week, more peaceful, more joyful, more in the moment.


  1. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/chaussons-mignons :)


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