2 October 2010

A Song

The singing day solved my issues with Morgan's feet.  ;)

I sing, and I don't hate my voice, this I can admit.  This may or may not disqualify me from saying that everyone could sing for their children. ;)  I do suffer from the normal inability to take compliments, which I'm trying to overcome graciously, but when push comes to shove, I will sing in front of people with very little prompting.  I will sing on stage for no bribe at all, in fact, I will pay to do so (yes, folk and acoustic club, I mean you - when my little ones are big enough not to mess with the wiring for the sound system).

But improvising? Let's just say I'm working on it, as in, forcing myself. I used to do it when Jenna was a baby, and I didn't care if the tune didn't "work" right, but now Jenna is big enough for me to think of her as a critic (though she is anything but critical).  However not reading music means that in order to enjoy half of the Waldorf set pieces, I *have* to improvise. Also, the whole idea of singing through the day encourages me to be brave. I could sing the same four verses over and over, but where's the fun in that?  The more I read, and the more I got immersed in the feel of Waldorf in my home, the more it grew on me and the more brave I got.

It has been one of the slower things to come, a reluctant feeling I can't explain except to say I felt really cheeesy. I could sing something grown up, sure. Mostly folk and country, any music that I love to listen to. And blues. Not so much the rock, my voice isn't up to it acapella and hey I was going for shushing little ones to sleep and so on. ;)  But singing all day about everything?  What little I used to do I had got totally out of the habit of.


This week, in the middle of an epic argument about shoes and socks, I was struck by a bolt from the blue. I started to SING Morgan's socks on, smoothing them (and her) with my voice. I gave her feet a magic tickle, "to make them happy," and IT WORKED. And it has worked all week, no problems except my momentary embarrasment in public! I am utterly converted to singing ALL DAY LONG!


  1. LMAO oh yeah, I so identify with this:

    "It has been one of the slower things to come, a reluctant feeling I can't explain except to say I felt really cheeesy."

    I, alas do not have a good voice - a music teacher once told me I sing in the cracks of notes - sigh. So not really harmonious and my abilities to make up tunes is rather limited - however, the children do really love the singing and don't seem to care I can't really carry a tune.. I even found myself singing out in public with them.

    Who'd have thought singing could have such an impact. I'm haven't quite embraced it all - but what I do, do I am deeply impressed with..so, if I can sing to the kids and they love it - then anyone can.

  2. Great idea!!! have been away for a while and haven't read your blog for like a week, I have a lot to catch up!


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