1 April 2010

Know and Believe

I was talking with Jenna this morning, and she was pondering on how she can really know wether there is a God or not. And I told her that there are lots of things that we can never really KNOW. How do you know gravity is real? You can test it, but you can't see it. You can only see what it does, and by the nature of its actions we make our best guess. How do you know love? You can only see its effects, you can't really KNOW it, you just believe that someone loves you because of how they act.

"But mummy, I know you love me. No matter what. I can always see it in your eyes."


  1. They sure know how to make us moms cry don't they? :) That is so sweet.

  2. Oh gosh, what a clever and wise little girl :-)

    Thank you, thank you for our little parcel this morning :-) I'm so sorry I had planned for you guys to receive a little something this morning too but the gawd awful weather kept us indoors - well had it just been me and Rye probably have braved it.. but my charge hasn't got waterproofs. So, to make up for it I shall add a little extra to the parcel :-)

  3. Wow, that's beautiful! Gravity is a very interesting one; they have been arguing over what it really is for hundreds of years, and as you say, all we can do is refine the current model based on observations, but it just won't fit in with models of the other forces, so maybe we should just put it in the bin.


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