12 April 2010

Hospital Story

One baby, just a little out of sorts and warm to the touch.

One mama, wearily taking her breakfast back to bed to nurse and cuddle and wait it out.One tiny hard patch on a baby arm when mama strips her off to cool her down...

I tried NHS direct first (usually so helpful!) and got some woman who refused to talk to me about the swelling in the arm and instead advised me to give her calpol to bring her temperature down and to stop breastfeeding her in order to give water to prevent dehydration!! I promptly ignored her, and off we went to A&E, knowing that it was likely we would be admitted again.

As we were. Another IV line in those little hands. Another stay in the Children's Hospital. Another ballpoint pen outline of an infection, spreading out of control as this little body fights. (This time the same cannula stayed in for the whole time, and she got plenty of doses of the antibiotics to control this infection - at some point we will have to consider tests to rule out an immune disorder now that this has happened twice.)My hands have to be busy as she sleeps. The Coming Home Hat, mark two. I find myself with another tradition here, somehow...Finding things to do on the ward. This little fireball baby cannot be restrained and has barely seemed ill the whole time we have been in. By the end of the first day she was pottering up and down the corridors making everyone laugh. She kept waddling up to the nurse's station and banging on the desk until someone spoke to her! I have been so pleased with how the nurses were with her and how much care they took over letting us know what was going on, and giving us warning of procedures and apologies when they were running late. I feel really helpless in hospital, and nothing is under my control, so that extra mile made such a difference.

Crochet swing coat. I am SO PROUD of this little cardi. She looks a little grumpy here, but only because mama was making her sit still!Baby comedian, up to mischief again!Drawing on her leg during a visit from Emma and Connor. These three, such friends we have, it defies words.Playing with a water bottle - not for want of toys. At least three people offer me a sippy, and then watch in awe as she drinks from my cup and eats adult food with a fork from my plate.Pretending to be sleepy, throwing herself around on the bed, then laughing at me when I kiss and squish her. Expressions of amazement from the nurses that she can climb on and off a real bed, and that she is so confident and active. "We'll miss her, she's a real character!" says the Sister. And she is. Entertaining everyone all weekend, even the doctors who come to check her poor arm.Yesterday was a hard day, a lot of the babies were unaccompanied again and the crying (oh the crying) Rowan hated it nearly as much as I did (though she didn't have the guilt from those denied impulses to cuddle them all)! Last night and this morning was so totally different, with all of the little ones in arms. I could see the lengths the nurses were going to, to make that happen, but oh I was so happy to see it. One nurse was doing paperwork with a tiny newborn in the crook of her elbow. *grins*

Ready to go home this morning! We are so so very glad to be back home, Rowan can't get over everything and has rediscovered so many of her favorite toys - plus followed the cat around for a while and laughed at every single thing she sees. She is also really proud of her new word "BOO!" which she is showing off by shouting at her sisters.One thing though, you know you're home for sure when your three year old throws herself on the floor screaming and crying because someone trod on her imaginary friend... And when the baby pees on the sofa, when she has ECed at the hospital beautifully and dirtied ONE nappy (our only miss from the little bare-bottomed baby tottering around in a loose unpoppered vest)... Ah, it's good to be home. :)


  1. Oh Bless You Sarah and poor ickle Rowan. I am glad she is home and on the mend again now, it must have been horrible for you all, although she sounded like she made the nurses day!
    Love and Blessings, Michelle X

  2. So very glad she's home and also that the ward nurses were so good :-) Its rather nice to read how good the hospital were :-)

    Did they mention that cellulitis, if that's what this infection is, can occur once it's presented? My estranged husband had it a couple of times and Rye's guardian is prone too. Fingers crossed though that it's the end of it now and Rowan isn't pestered by it again :-)

  3. poor Rowan , glad your'e home xx and love the jacket xx

  4. Poor Rowan! That infection looks awful. She's a trooper, though! I love love love the cardigan you made for her! It's adorable. I myself never got past the scarf making in crochet...

  5. I'm very glad that things are better for you all, and it's great that you found so many positive things to keep you smiling, even though your baby needed to be in hospital. Cat sends his love too of course, and we hope you don't have any more repeats of this little adventure.
    Also, what NHS Direct suggested is quite shocking, especiallt as we've always had good experiences from them (and we've used them quite a lot lol!) I hope that was just a blip, and that they don't suggest such ridiculous measures again, to you or anyone else!
    xx xx

  6. Joxy - The main concern is that she may be immune-suppressed (and of course that in itself may be a symptom of diabetes which I have family history of).

    The cellulitis itself should only reoccur with a repeat infection, and there's no way to prevent re-infection as she is just hyper-sensitive to normal bacteria. :(

  7. :-( Ahh I see.

    Yeah with the EH it was the fluid in the elbow joint that was getting infected and cuasing him problems.. the Consultant said a similar thing.. he had become sensitive to the normal bacteria..a nd yeah, thinking on, he was diabetic too (although his sugar went back to normal pretty much, once he cut out all the fried food and litres and litres of full sugar coke he drank every day).

    Anyhoos, (((hugs)) to you all, and hope you get a good night sleep in your bed tonight.

  8. (((HUGS))) and so glad you're home again, glad Rowan stayed so cheerful

  9. Ohh our own bed, I can't wait lol. :)

    And I can make Rowan's birthday cake tomorrow! Yay.

    I don't think it's likely she's diabetic, or immune-suppressed, just highly allergic. But I'm dreading the blood tests to find out - better to know if she's going to need insulin though rather than dealing with a diabetic coma some day. My Dad has been insulin dependent since childhood.

    Ack no point fretting about it. May as well just enjoy being home and having such precious joyful little people around me. :)

  10. That should say time, not tie !!

  11. So glad she is home and well :) Bless you all what a tie you are having.

    I love the jacket too, beautiful.

    Love Gina xx

  12. So sorry to hear that rowan is suffering yet again and the rest of you too in watching it all happen.
    Prayers for you all that you will have some much needed peace and an answer to what is going on please God!

    Well done for trying to remain sane with the crafting and that swing coat is absolutely gorgeous!

    With much love San and all xxx

  13. So glad you're all home. Hope the test results put minds at ease, so you can deal with whatever the results are.

    Your hands were busy - the swing coat is lovely.


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