4 April 2010

Festivals and Friends

First, our Passover celebrations this year. Nothing went to plan, as usual. It was busy and crazy, as usual. And meaningful and beautiful, too. Every time we read that verse ("as an institution for all time") I wonder why we get such funny looks in Christian circles for keeping this feast. The changing of seasons, the cycles of nature, and the remembering of festivals and celebrations. Time after time, the same but different. My feeling is that in the tapestry of our lives, these little golden threads will be precious memories as these babies grow. They are precious to me, anyhow. :)

Saturday marked six years of marriage for Martin and I. There have been times, this year, when I doubted we'd make it. I'm glad we did.

We took ourselves to Wollaton for the day, something different. The girls did an Easter egg trail, hunting for letters to make a word - and colouring. And drew the exhibits, and climbed and played and ran and danced. And yes, those are yet more finished crochet projects. *grins*"CA" says Rowan, "CA!" Yup. Yes it is, baby. BIG ca.
More celebrations today. Starting with the girls tearing downstairs to see what had happened to their Easter Garden! We had another meal with Chris, Emma, Connor and Ashleigh. And now we're pre-soaking wool for a dye session tomorrow... *excited*Fab new clothes from Bishopston Trading, via the lovely Ashleigh (what gorgeous Easter gifts, thankyou so much)! All three sweet girlies together, one of those nearly-impossible pictures where you remember why you never ask them to pose. ;)


  1. Just lovely, glad you had a happy wedding anniversary!
    With much love San and all xx

  2. Happy Anniversary, looks like you had a lovely day. Our potatoes aren't in yet either. We've held a passover meal in our (C of E)church in the past so you wouldn't be frowned on here.

  3. Happy anniversary, so pleased you are through the glitches.
    And wow at your crochet, looking like an expert now!
    The girls look beautiful in the photo of the three of them, although they always look beautiful anyway but you know what I mean.


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