13 April 2010

And off we go again

This time because Rowan seems to be having an allergic reaction to her oral medicine. :(

Later update: She is allergic to it, but for now we can't give her anything else as the concern about her being rushed back in as an emergency like last time is too scary a prospect for the doctors to consider switching meds. It feels so contrary, and so unfair, to be effectively poisoning her to stop something worse happening. I am not a happy mummy. But I am so glad to have her safe, and getting better.

All day in the hospital was horrible, again, and Rowan was very unimpressed! She did love being outside in their nice little play area though, and the sunshine was a wonderful lift for our spirits.

When we got out, we saw Emma and Chris, then went straight to the woods as previously planned rather than just coming home and feeling like we had lost another day to this mystery condition.

The bluebells are starting to flower, and any day now the whole area will be carpeted in fragrant blue.
This smile, ah, what would a mama not do for this? Oh how I love her, my tiny, my crazy mini toddler, loving squishable funny precious daughter.

This fort was a new discovery, right in the middle of the woods in a small clearing. Martin and Emma decided it was probably built in the Easter holidays, then all the children had to go back to school and abandon their new den! Jenna and Morgan built up the walls a bit, dug a fire pit, and laid a pretend camp fire in the middle. :)

What medicine the wild world is. We are all much refreshed!


  1. Aw, babe, what rotten luck. I'm thinking of you guys and sending my very strongest "meeep, hug, get better soon" wishes. And of course remembering you in my prayers. If I can do anything, let me know.xxx

  2. Really hope they can get to the bottom of all of this.
    Sending more hugs to all, thinking of you.xxx

  3. Oh bless her, she seems to be having such a hard time of it. Sending healing wishes her way.

  4. Am glad to see that some joy was had in the day inspite of everything else. The girls looks so cute and happy plodding about in their wellies :) We'll have to take bluebell pics and see who can come up with the best spring pic.

  5. They are funny little wild things. We just dug out a teeeeny pair of wellies for Rowan to wear tomorrow if it's muddy at Attenborough! She also has the most diddy rain-suit, and it's so cute and she looks so tiny toddling around in it, I'll be almost as happy if her birthday is pouring with rain!

  6. Are the antibiotics working? If so it's a much better prospect than then not and having to try steroids, the fact that antibiotics work means auto immunity is less likely, thank goodness. My love to you all,



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