13 April 2010

For Rowan

From this:

To this:

A year is forever, and no time at all. You brought new horizons and impossible blessings with you, little one. I can't imagine life without you!

On the eve of this new day, mama has tears in her eyes but a huge smile in her heart. One whole journey around the sun, heart to heart with you. Looking ahead just a peek to walking through this next journey hand in hand. And a quick nostalgic trip through those precious memories of your very first breaths of our air!


Birth Story
Birth Pictures
Newborn Ramblings!

Many many happy returns, little rainbow baby, daughter of mine.


  1. :-)) Happy Birthday sweetheart :-)

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful girl :) xx

  3. A year already? I think I'M going to cry :')

    Happy Birthday, sweet little Rowan xxx

  4. oh my goodness, special little girl, enjoy your day with your amazing family, feel how loved you are now and always ... xxxx
    Love to you all on this special day.

  5. Such a beautiful post.

    Enjoy your happy day Rowan xxxx

  6. Happy birthday, crazy baby! So beautiful!

  7. Happy birthday little one! I hope you have a good day with that loving, crazy family of yours :) xxx

  8. Happy Birthday Rowan ! What a lovely post xxx

  9. Beautifully said, hope you all had a lovely day xxx

  10. Happy Birthday Rowan!!
    Beautiful pictures of her special first year, sorry to hear the meds are causing trouble, well done for enjoying time in nature I'm sure all your spirits were uplifted!
    Keeping you all in prayer
    With love San and all xxxx


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