16 April 2010

More random pictures

Um, more crochet. These booties were done last week, in my own hand-painted wool. And I love them. They are the first pattern I have ever bought. And did I mention I love them? I really do. And I need to make at least twenty more pairs, for every baby I know. Well, maybe eventually.
Boo taking herself to the potty again. I don't get this way of being, so often, I want to figure it out and KNOW what I'm doing. And time and time again, I don't. I guess that's just yet another thing about me (and most other mothers I know) - when things go wrong, we blame ourselves. When things go right, we are confounded and tempted to blame sheer luck! So right now, I ma blaming sheer luck, but enjoying it nevertheless.Jenna bean being a rainbow fairy. Well of course.
More days planned away from the computer, so will see you all soon! :) Have a peaceful, glorious, in-the-moment weekend. xxx


  1. Sheer luck or no, toileting at one is pretty amazing!! Love the first birthday celebratory pictures, so glad you had a wonderful time!
    Enjoy your weekend
    love San and all xx

  2. I find myself thinking that I am no good at EC so often, I spend days missing signals and changing nappies, and then other days... Ahh I think I shall have to give up asking myself how it works and just enjoy it when it is working for us!


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