8 April 2010

More Happy Days

More hand-painted yarn pictures: the session on Monday in full swing.Me finishing up the rainbow playsilk.Happy baby kitten in a house full of people and wool.The dry results of the first day! This is NOT all mine. ;)A program I found for Jenna to have a play with. Flowers made with 8 lines of rotational symmetry were her favorites. Symmetry Artist.Season table literally overflowing with Spring!Crystal sun-catcher casting rainbows all over my house. Not one but two parcels this morning from dear, dear friends. So very thoughtful, and so many smiles. But more than any *thing*, thank you both for the precious gift of your friendship.Another Jenna picture, and a flower fairy wand she made on the park, both for her friend Aoife who is here tonight. We have a house FULL of girls (yes, Morgan has a friend sleeping over too)! :)Flowers from my lovely Mum! She also took us to the cinema this morning (How to Train Your Dragon is *wonderful* - Morgan totally loved it, though Jenna found it a bit scary).More gratuitous baby pictures. My gorgeous tiny toddler loving her books.Morgan draws lots of these at the moment, sampling all of the colours on offer. She really seems to experience everything so intensely, she can't tear herself away when the pencils and crayons are out. We have to re-adopt old rituals to bring things to completion. Transitions and rhythms are felt in her whole body. Nurturing and harmonising with this intense three is a daily gift in taking things one step at a time.Sweet Rowan, pulling baskets from the shelves to sit contentedly surrounded by her favorite toys. Her dry skin totally cleared up before starting to get patchy again last week after another winter bug. She is so beautiful and so sweet-natured. I am so excited for her birthday next week and sharing her first celebration of a year with us!


  1. Aw, a lovely post. Hehe :) It truely has been a very special week, hasn't it? And it's all very well pointing out that not all that yarn is yours, but not far from it, and there is more besides that ;) :p Hehe!

    So I take it as a recommendation to go see "How to train your dragon"? I've been quite tempted, and I think it's available in 3D so I may yet treat myself over the next few days, or over a quiet evening in Weston.

    See ya in the morning.xxx

  2. Fab pic of rowan with the books - grace makes us laugh often by sitting down with a book and "Reading" it aloud!

    Sinful's Wife

  3. What wonderful days you are having. Lovely to see you all having such fun. Looking forward to seeing what you do with all that wool!

    We saw how to train your dragon the other day, we loved it, but it had to make me smile when I could see little hands reaching out to try and grasp the 3d images!

  4. I think that's why Jenna was scared, she did NOT like the idea of things coming out of the screen to get her! I personally still hate the whole 3D thing (glasses dirty and uncomfortable, small children unable to keep them on, baby distressed by everyone wearing dark glasses - did I mention she can't stand for people to cover their faces?) and would rather have gone for the non-3D option, but the timing wouldn't have worked for everything else we had to fit in (Dad Group sports day on the park, long free play in the sunshine, friends coming for tea and sleepover)...

    We are having fun at the moment!

  5. I'm so glad the parcel arrived safely :)

    Did you get the email invite for my blog?

    Wonderful photos, which really cheered me up this morning.

    Much Love
    Gina xx

  6. No email yet lovey, but yes the package arrived in one piece and it is so very lovely. :)


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