19 April 2010


A long road trip, frustrating but relatively peaceful. Three excited little girls! Well... Excited, but also sleepy...

A weekend away, staying with Tim and Nusa! Lots of adventures. And warm warm days running around in their little garden.

A day in London, sunny as can be and packed with people - tube, Museums, parks, boat on the Thames, art, sculptures, fountains, and lots and lots of walking!

A whole new garden to explore and make their own. Secret agents, fairies, dragons and families - all kinds of games and all sorts of "toys" found and made for themselves.

A spot of art in the fresh air. Nusa is such an amazing artist, a creator-of-beautiful-things, and a gentle healer too. Both of them have been so generous and loving with the children, meeting their needs and allowing such chaos in their beautiful house! Nus brought out this huge canvas and just helped Jenna to do whatever she wanted with it - I have never known an adult be able to be so freely with a child, not directing or prompting or hassling her at all.

That baby of mine, of ours, oh she has toddled and wobbled all over the place. She is a bundle of sweetness and her strength and balance change daily.

A last adventure before heading home, our experiences more filled with green spaces than we could have dreamed of in such a huge city.

Lots of memories to treasure, gifted crystals in our bags (a quartz wand for Jenna and a smooth rose quartz pebble for Morgan - thanks Nus!) and new books to read on the way home (the new Robin Hobb novel for me, dragons in my dreams now for weeks - thanks Tim!).


  1. Hehe! Such fun! And wasn't it such a lovely sunny weekend. It looks like you had an amazing and busy time. So glad you enjoyed yourselves.xxx

  2. Lovely pictures of your time away, looks like a great time was had exploring.
    Jenna's canvas picture is beautiful too x

  3. Oh beautiful photos, and I love Jenna's picture... and ohhh so tantalisingly close to Kent!

    YOu do know, don't you, that if you ever want to visit the coast down here you're more than welcome.. be a squeeze in my wee house; but I'd fit you guys in somehow!

  4. You know, the route we took to get there had us going soooo close to you - I nearly text and said, "hey, Joxy, we're going to drop in on you!" but we were already running quite late by then. *sigh*

    If only I'd realised how close we were going before we set off!

  5. Shame, next time eh :-)

    Hey, and I'll get to meet you guys properly in May.. and Rye will meet the girls too. Hehehe, he's a charmer, he'll probably encourage lots of handholding and chasing games :-)



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