9 April 2010

A Moment

I had one of those existentially happy moments this morning, with that snide watching voice in my head poking fun just a little bit at the whole scenario. I am in the kitchen, baby on my hip, flipping scotch pancakes for breakfast - while four little waiting girlies are sitting calmly at table in the living room, singing. Yes, really.

And there was a loaf of fresh bread in the oven, and wool hanging in neat hanks on the back of my kitchen door drying, too. Sometimes real life is just too ridiculously pretty to be true. :)


  1. Aw, that is a truely beautiful moment to have captured. I love the fact that life can throw us these moments when we least expect it, or even just when we are barely thinking about it.xxx

  2. hehehe - fabby! a serendipitous 10 out of 10 xx


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