5 November 2008

Snippets of irrelevant stuff

Bump is bigger. And booting Daddy. And responding when I talk to it. I've been making baby things and am starting to get excited about having another baby... And I'm only being sick once or twice and then being able to eat normally for the rest of the day. I'm craving protein and spicy food.

I cut my hair off, a couple of weeks back (but it gets enough of a reaction still that I thought telling you belatedly made sense). I always have that urge to cut my hair short when something has changed - managed to resist it post-miscarriage and have been holding off since getting pregnant again, but it finally had to happen. It isn't *short* and it's fairly even for saying I did it myself, but it has lost about ten inches.

Morgan is mostly out of nappies except when out and about. She's dry at night 90% of the time, and asks for nappies when she wants them. It's crazy to hear her taking herself to the toilet in the middle of the night and going back to her own bed! She's too little!

Her language is really gaining fast, and she's up to sometimes using a few words together. She repeats almost everything that is said to her (or the last word that she hears) like a little echo, and shouts joyously when she sees a "dyder" (spider) "og" (dog) "at" (cat) "baby" (obvious) "nayul" (snail) or "oss!" (horse) All of her favorite words are for living things; all of Jenna's favorite first words were descriptions (pretty, like, loud, not nice, funny etc).

Jenna has a total glove obsession in the sudden cold weather. She can't leave the house without them, and has about five pairs now to make sure we don't lose them (thank goodness for Grandmas is all I can say). She also ALWAYS seems to have about ten conkers in her pockets, no matter how I work at getting them back onto the season table.

She cut her own hair, too. Not terribly, but enough to look a bit lopsided. We pointed out that waiting for someone to do it for her might be more sensible next time, but didn't react other than that (to her surprise and mine), and that was the end of that. I was dreading another occasion like that, and thought I'd be furious and react immaturely as usual, but it was OK. :)

A discipline triumph - not because I scored a point or made her feel guilty, but because I had self control and it seems to get easier with practice. Out loud, for the children, I count to three when something needs to happen NOW. In my head, for myself, I usually have to count to twenty before speaking. ;)

Our wooden things came from Mamakopp's etsy and they are gorgeous! She not only refunded some postage to make sure I wasn't overcharged, but she sent it airmail and it arrived within a week of my order. The speed and cost of shipping made it about as convenient as Myriad, so if anyone was thinking of ordering something for Christmas, she's a star and you totally should go ahead. :) Can't take pictures yet because more than half of it is in hiding so that it can come from the Inlaws for Christmas. Another limiting tactic for the amount of Christmas junk... ;)

I've tried felting and had mixed sucess. Father Winter is brilliant, but the needle felted gnome is less impressive. The little felt scene is OK, improved greatly by having a little wooden bear on it from the above mentioned lovely mama (who also sent a free gift with the package!).

Martin has had a couple of days off work and the girls are going out today so we can have a "date day". So I'm not coming back online again for yet another couple of days. I'm sure you're really missing me. ;)


  1. Really glad to hear the sickness is improving and getting more bearable. You sound much more cheerful in yourself.

  2. Enjoy your date day! So glad you're not being as sick as you were, enjoy your food now.


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