7 November 2008

Blog admin-y type post

Um, who has my copy of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves? I'm not in urgent need of it or anything lol, but I forgot who I leant it to.

Thankyou. :)


  1. Me. *grins* Haven't even started reading it so if you'd like it back, I'll send it - I EVEN know where it is! xxx

  2. LOL, thought it might be but there were two other possibilities! Another mama would like to borrow it, if you think you'll not be getting around to it soon with everything else on your plate. I'm sure reading time is non-existant at the moment. ;)

  3. Reading time is pretty non-existant that's true. I'll get it back to you, probably next time I'm in town so sometime this week :)


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