1 November 2008

Night celebration

Yes, another fire (of course). The wood was damp, so it didn't exactly roar. But the children enjoyed it anyway, and helped to throw pine-cones on to glow and crackle. They are very sensible near heat; this time we had the amusement of hearing Morgan tell Jenna, "BOP! OT!" (Stop, hot!) When she ran near the fire!

Inside again with mugs of hot creamy soup, cooked while the children played in the garden in the dark.

Pumpkin lanterns now lit and glowing. We talk every year about how the candle inside is like the light inside us, life that we were given, gifted, blessed with. We tell the old old story about hiding the light away, and how people only know what is within us when we let it show - when we live in that light. We always carve our pumpkins with lots of stars and a moon, reminders that when we do good we "shine like stars in a crooked and depraved generation."

And for pudding, baked apples with cinnamon, maple syrup and cream! Jealous? :P


  1. Beautiful pumpkins sarah, we wanted stars and moons on ours, but Mia insisted on faces lol!

  2. The orange one has a smiley on the reverse LOL - Jenna insisted too! Funny little duckies aren't they? Can't wait until she can carve her own, she draws such fantastic creative people...

  3. Lovely pumpkins, Owen insisted on monster pumpkin and baby pumpkin for ours but to him a monster is just an "ugly" creature rather than a scary one.
    Great that you're managing to cook a little now too.

  4. Lovely pumpkins, and those baked apples have inspired me... guess what we're having for pudding?! What have you lit your little fire in by the way, I'd love to have a fire for Thomas but not really sure how to go about it in such a tiny garden!

  5. Alice, we have a copper fire-pit. Garden centres tend to have similar but they can be veery expensive. Ours was a lucky find, a friend told us they had them in Asda for £30 (but this was three years ago I'm afraid!).

    Have you got an old baking tray that's past its best? You could make a little fire in that without doing too much damage. :) Enjoy the baked apples!


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