6 November 2008


My girls got stranded today!

The date day went wonderfully, cinema (both *loved* Quantum of Solace), putting the world to rights, holding hands, peaceful walks amongst crisp leaves at twilight. Yeah yeah I know. Sorry. :P

Then we had a phone call to say that Morgan wanted to stay because Jenna was staying, would it be OK if they tried and brought her back if she didn't settle, etc. I felt a bit uncomfortable, a bit worried that they might not take her seriously if she asked to be brought home at an inconvenient time (like 2am). But she sounded really happy and they were having fun, she didn't want to come home and be separated from Jenna, so we said yes.

And heard nothing. All night. My baby!

This morning I woke at half past seven (!) and felt decidedly odd not to have been woken an hour earlier by jumping-on, Morgan's usual method of asking for morning milk. I pined until I phoned and heard both girls laughing and playing over breakfast. Morgan HAD woken at 4am, but gone right back to sleep. Jenna had been upset that Morgan was awake, and had suggested taking her home to mummy, and fussed over her, but she had shouted briefly and nothing more and they had both then slept until 7am.

At lunch time on my way home from befriending I got a call to say that my father-in-law had come down with something and was really weak and couldn't drive! Argh! So, both tinies, stuck in another town with no transport and with me unable to get them.

To avoid rambling on too long, my mum was working a half day and rescued us. But in the meantime I cried all the way home on the bus and worked myself up into quite a state to think of them so far away and not knowing how to get them home.

All's well that ends well though, right?

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  1. "All's well that ends well" maybe - but that doesn't deal with those heart-stopping moments before it's resolved, does it? I felt for you when reading, I'd have been stricken too.


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