21 November 2008

Mummy is sad, therefore...

...mummy needs cake! Four year old logic at work!

I like four year old logic.


  1. 4-year-old logic makes a lot more sense than most adult logic. Sending you lots of positive thoughts & hoping you're feeling less sad after your special cake Natalie xxx MDApr09

  2. Hummm.....I think I might still possess a touch of four year old logic too! At the end of the day, eating chocolate and cakes makes me feel good!

    I hope it made you feel a little better?

  3. What a lovely mood elevator :)

  4. That butterfly cake was seriously appreciated (and much more the lovely hubby who is capable of doing the required baking when the children demand - even in a crisis). My family are amazing.

  5. :o)
    Hope you feel a bit better...

  6. aww aren't children the sweetest most caring people around us? Bless her heart for thnking so nicely of Mummy. Hope you feel a bit better soon. Hugs to the girls who are just so adorable. And not forgetting "papa", hope he is doing well with all you lovely ladies around him.


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