1 November 2008

Halloween activities, more craft, and more learning fun

A trip to the farm shop with grandma for hot chocolate and cake in the cafe, and some cream, maple syrup, and apples for after tea. Then a walk in the wonderful yellow, red and orange leaves at Allestree Park. I couldn't get a good shot of the trees, my flash isn't powerful enough!

A gift for Jenna, a home-made fuzzy felt board with some nice autumnal shapes for her to play with. My felt arrived yesterday and it's all beautiful, I had to make something as soon as it got here! The board is a cardboard sandwich with blue felt on one side and a lovely olive green the other. I intend to use it behind the season table, and make new themed felt "stickers" as often as I get around to it. I was quite pleased with my tree, cut out freehand because the template I made wouldn't stay put.

Carved pumpkins all ready to light. We made soup with the innards, and baked the seeds as a snack. Shame there isn't enough pumpkin for pie as well as soup! The girls chopped up the pieces I scooped out of the middle, and as Jenna did so she found a bit that was a perfect arch shape. She stood it on its end, and said, "That shape is in my name. It's a (whispers "j.. e.. n..") 'N', it's a 'n' shape!" There we go, learning about letter sounds and shapes, craft, and cookery, all at the same time. ;)

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