15 November 2008

Lots more pictures

Here y'are, current-ish bump pic, from a week ago.

Firework picture. Unfortunately forgot the camera when we had our own little fire, and we didn't get our traditional fireworks walk because the girls were out again! Anyhow, glitter aplenty.

Chutneys and pickles and cordial and haroset, made last night after we all went swimming. Therapy. ;)

The end of Autumn on the season table, and the start of our first wintery items. :)


  1. aww hun, happy bump pic! You look beautiful and so does that big bump :)

  2. For someone who's been so poorly with the pregnancy you look really well, glowing!

  3. oh that bump piccie is just so gorgeous, you look stunning.

  4. You're beautiful Sarah. Absolutely glowing (Alaw is only 12 weeks and you've made me broody again lol)
    S x


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