13 December 2013

This baby...

...is not really a baby any more (shh, I'm trying to come to terms with it)!

Gosh what a year we've had! About the time you started walking, baby mine, you got really really determined. Stripping all your clothes off in public became your new favourite pastime - that and sitting down refusing to go anywhere for long periods of time, and crying when I picked you up and then crying again when I put you down again. Oh little toddler, how very hard it is to not be able to just tell us all what it is that is bothering you. I have wished so many times that I could magic away whatever those moments of stress and anxiety and total frustrated anger have been.

And yet, and yet, you are the sunniest little person. So ready to laugh, to beam, to chat happily to us. You completely love to be around people, and hero-worship your sisters.


Your list of words is getting longer and longer. I'm enjoying the gift of understanding between us. It's amazing! The ease this has brought you, and your pure joy at being more capable, more able to explore the world and share your discoveries with us. I adore how you exclaim to me over your finds. How you repeat words over and over.




Sweet funny bright baby, awesome stubborn intense lively creature! Every second I have spent just snuggling you, just being here with you, has blessed me. I wouldn't trade a moment of it. Happy Birthday, precious. Talia, I love you so.



  1. Oh Happy Birthday Morgan and Talia, fellow Winter babies, there is something special about us you know. Love Valerie xxx

  2. Belated birthday wishes and hugs for the very beautiful Talia and Morgan.
    I have been offline for a while as I had a flu type virus that knocked me for six :(
    Advent wishes and love to you all xxx


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