10 December 2013

The To Do List


This week was always highly likely to be a little bit chaotic. Martin has a few days off work, and we have two birthdays to celebrate, and a list of things we really really want to do before Christmas, and so my idea of a restful holiday-at-home was never really convincing.

Yesterday we went swimming, and to the park with friends. Today I mostly rushed around trying to get last Christmas orders completed and posted. Tomorrow is Morgan's seventh birthday - already! And her cake is as yet unbaked, and her presents are as yet unwrapped, and the house is in its usual state of disarray...


I really want another three or four days to get ready. I want to breathe, and silence the constant litany of To Do lists in my head. I might not be able to do the latter very effectively, but the former is essential!


New To Do list:

There, that's better.


  1. When I was standing in the kitchen waiting on the milk to heat on the stove this morning I was running through all the things I had to do, and all the things I must NOT forget and then I remembered that a good friend had emailed me days ago and I had forgotten to answer. I debated that she would understand because everyone has a to do list 300 miles long right now. I really wish this time of year didnt end up like that. This year I am making a very conscious effort to make time for The Savior. It is honestly helping me keep things in perspective. I hope you can find your own way through this busy period with plenty of time to breath deeply.

    1. Beautiful reminder! Life feels more free and calm and *possible* today, as we take a proper pause to celebrate Morgan's birthday. Just that one really MANIC day trying to get everything ready for this week! Take care, mama! xx


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