5 December 2013

How (not) to make Gingerbread

Our advent activity on Tuesday was making gingerbread. Actually, I moved the cards around because Rowan had asked me twice yesterday if we could make gingerbread and I'd said, "maybe later". Anyhow, she was REALLY excited that we were actually doing it, right until I discovered the gas wouldn't light.  Here's how the rest of the morning went:

- Get everyone dressed in outdoor clothes to go and top up the meter at the shops.
- Discover that the baby's coat is missing.
- Wrap the baby up warmly under my jacket and set off.

- Return to the house for my wallet.
- Get gas from the shop, and walk home.
- Go to the meter, and find that it wasn't out of gas in the first place.
- Work out why the gas wouldn't light; child had pressed the cut-off switch at the back of the surface.
- Start mixing ingredients.
- Find that there is no ginger in the house.
- Make ginger-less gingerbread.
- Burn the first batch by getting distracted arguing over whose turn it is on the computer...

They tasted nice, anyway...



  1. I think I may pinch your idea (minus the burnt bit, but then again, maybe not haha). I was thinking of making an non alcoholic version of winter brew as well, do you think Rosehip tea would work with this recipe (instead of brandy) -



    1. That looks lovely but I'm not sure I'd steep it for five weeks without the alcohol, perhaps you could make a dried blend of the citrus and spices to "mull" your morning cup of rosehip. (Also, I would TOTALLY recommend Heath and Heather's wild blackcurrant tea, it's gorgeous. :) )

    2. Oh no, it would be totally moldy after a week I expect. I will look up the blackcurrant. Oscar loves rosehip tea, much to his Daddies amusement. I will have to try and think of away around the booze thing lol. xxx

    3. Is mulled grape or apple juice an option? :) I usually substitute grape juice for the alcoholic equivalent.

  2. Meep! Do you just sometimes get the impression that you weren't actually meant to do something? Oh well, at least you've got a little extra gas on now.x

    1. Yep I totally felt like quitting my quest to make gingerbread, but Rowan would have been most upset! As you say, extra gas is good. :)

  3. Oh dear! We're making gingerbread this afternoon ( it would have been this morning but we didn't have the ingredients! Opted for banana bread instead to use up manky nanas ! Glad your (non) gingerbread worked out in the end, your post did make me smile though :)

    1. I'm still laughing about it two days later. There's just no winning sometimes!


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