3 December 2013






Oh yes indeed, the more Christmas we fit in the better as far as I'm concerned. Never one to forgo any possible festival I can squeeze in, we start Advent early and pack everything in.

I asked Jenna last week if she thinks I go overboard with the celebrations and make too much fuss. She obviously takes after me, because she looked at me like I'd gone mad and said, "NO WAY! How can we have too much celebrating?!" Or maybe it's just that I get on with it in my own happy little bubble and don't really expect them to have any inclination to join in with All The Things?

From the start of December we have one Advent activity a day, and a Jesse Tree reading, and an Advent candle (oh, and we're still in Hanukkah too). We'll have the feast of St Nicholas in a couple of days, and two birthdays (Morgan, then Talia), then Martin has a few days off before Christmas itself, and finally twelve days of giving-quests ending on Epiphany (when we do three gifts representing the wise men's offerings). I know, I know, but I'm having fun. :)


Week of stones (Waldorf) and week of the Patriarchs (Catholic) - this is my favourite week of Advent really, because it's all new again each year. For our activities so far we have made paper chains, and Rowan made a star for the top of the tree. Today we're making gingerbread. :) Yay! I'm so excited! (Of course, now we're finally all illness-free I really need to catch up on the laundry and general household stuff, but that's not so much fun. Gingerbread and other distractions, for the win!)




  1. I always love your Advent doings x

  2. I absolutely agree, Celebrate every day ! I remember the baby and the lights picture from last year, so beautiful that little face of wonder. xxx

  3. Gingerbread and twinkle lights all the way - the laundry will still be there later! Your Christmassy celebrations sound wonderful!


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