22 December 2013

Daybook towards the end of Advent

Outside my window the rain is freckling the glass with diagonal lines, but the sky is wide and brightest blue. The hedge is overgrown, but barely rippling in the tiny breeze, unlike the way it whipped and swayed in the recent stormier nights. The light is casting colours across the room, yellow, blue, and orange, from the stained glass nativity my sister in law made for us. It is a peaceful Sunday, and the road is silent and empty.

I am thinking how wonderful it is to be surrounded by family, and how very blessed I am to have this life with these beautiful souls.

I am thankful for bread, sunlight, water, candle light, lived-in mess, painted wooden chairs, mermaid costumes, glittery pipe cleaners - and the noise of children singing carols, arguing over a cup of tea, and reading aloud from their new Flower Fairy compendium.

In the kitchen there is almost half of Maarja's delicious cinnamon wreath bread left in its tin, a most welcome Christmas gift and one of the most fabulous foods on earth. The dishes stand draining on the side, and the floor is lightly sprinkled with rainbow hama beads. Talia is sitting under the table, singing.

I am wearing slouchy red yoga trousers, and a green organic T with mismatched rainbow buttons down the front (I replaced the small green ones when the first one broke a few years ago). My (currently mid-length) hair is pulled back, as it often is in the chaos of everyday life. I have my favourite amber beads on, too.

I am creating Jenna's grey Low Tide. Well, to be entirely honest, I ball wound the yarn. It isn't even cast on yet.

I am going to clean the oven today. That is my only goal.

I am reading The Long Earth (again).

I am hoping for snow for Christmas, not because I particularly like it on my own behalf but because my children are longing for it.

I am looking forward to everything about the next few days! I'm looking forwards especially to cooking delicious feasts, reading more seasonal books with the little ones, and crisp cold walks.

Around the house you can see the usual mess of our beautiful ordinary life. In the living room the floor is strewn with a couple of dressing up outfits, a lot of wooden blocks, a couple of brightly coloured plastic ponies, two playstation controllers, a couple of new books, and some glittery pine cones (which Rowan has taken from the mantle, for purposes unknown).

Some of my favourite things: how my children cackle with glee over Mr Bean, Talia feeding Martin some of her chocolate, the jingling of Jenna dancing around in her coin belt, the smell of cinnamon, happy glittery creative messes, and hand made presents.

A few plans for the rest of the week: coffee with my mum later, Emma's birthday on Christmas eve, and probably quite a few wintery walks. :)

A peek into my day:




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  1. This is beautiful Sarah - wishing you all so many blessings for Christmas and the New Year. Xxx

  2. Your stained glass nativity is just beautiful with the sun pouring through it. It sounds like your days are merry and bright even if Christmas won't be white (much as I too would dearly love it to be!)

  3. So ordinary but so beautiful. I know when Duncan and I are old old people we will look back at times like the ones you describe as our happiest times. What a treat to recognise them as your happiest times as you live it (the glitter on my rug disguises the play dough in my rug, its a fair trade I think lol)


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