20 December 2013

Talia's Second Birthday

What a week! Martin's back at work now until Christmas day, and we've been so busy the entire time he's been at home - not least with two birthdays, two craft fairs, and me taking on a last minute Christmas commission that has had me up very very late each night knitting away...

Anyhow, somebody turned two. :)
We took a walk in the woods and found interesting things. It was a really lovely peaceful afternoon after a crazy and ill-judged morning trip in to town to take the birthday girl out for cake (town is not a favourite place for any of us at this time of year)!

I'm still not really adjusting to the idea of her being two. She seems so very small and baby-like still (even if she is perfectly capable of carrying a table into the kitchen to climb up on to the surfaces and help herself to chocolate spread out of the jar). Every day she has more words (noticeably, on her birthday, she mastered "NO" and "MINE" which she had very rarely said before)!


  1. Happy Birthday little one!

    Do you think they stay littler in our minds because they are the youngest? I've only got two but Elma seems so much closer to babyhood than Kitty did at a similar age.


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